Women Are Not Small Men.

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022

Just like you, I’m many things: a partner, a trainer, and a cycle syncing coach. There are other things that I’m looking forward to becoming one day, a mother, for example. But more and most importantly, I am a woman.

Growing up, I was taught that men and women are equal, and to this day – I believe we are! But as I hit puberty and my period began, I felt a noticeable divide form – and that grew with age. I wanted answer better answers about taboo topics, and I desperately craved depth.

This led me to my relentless pursuit throughout my teens and early 20’s to achieving the desired yet intangible mind-body-spirit balance. You know, the ultimate trifecta that is supposed to help you attain inner peace and overall well-being?

Well, I went through a lot, I made a f*ck ton of mistakes, and studied thousands of hours of research material until I was able to create a solid balance. And now, I’m here to share this insight with you, so you don’t...

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