Women Are Not Small Men.

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2022

Just like you, I’m many things: a partner, a trainer, and a cycle syncing coach. There are other things that I’m looking forward to becoming one day, a mother, for example. But more and most importantly, I am a woman.

Growing up, I was taught that men and women are equal, and to this day – I believe we are! But as I hit puberty and my period began, I felt a noticeable divide form – and that grew with age. I wanted answer better answers about taboo topics, and I desperately craved depth.

This led me to my relentless pursuit throughout my teens and early 20’s to achieving the desired yet intangible mind-body-spirit balance. You know, the ultimate trifecta that is supposed to help you attain inner peace and overall well-being?

Well, I went through a lot, I made a f*ck ton of mistakes, and studied thousands of hours of research material until I was able to create a solid balance. And now, I’m here to share this insight with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

For more than a century, women have been advertised, educated, diagnosed, and treated as “small men”. In fact, clinical trials chose to omit women from their research until 1993. 

When I learned this, I realized that all the health, fitness, and nutrition programs out there were sourced form research that did not include women. Let that sink in for a hot minute…

This makes total sense, because THIS explains WHY I struggled so much with every diet, cleanse, fitness challenge – I had ever tried. They felt completely counterintuitive because none of them were designed for my female physiology.

This is when I decided to pivot. Not only my personal life, but my professional practice – too. I took a solemnly oath to focus on female physiology, menstrual health, and intuition. I mean, how effective can these programs really be if they the research that supports them is focused exclusively on men?

The struggle in trying to cultivate the right mind-body-spirit balance is real, and if you want to support your female body, you’re the reason I’m talking to you today. For fun, let’s just imagine what you could have accomplished if you had learned the correct information that was customized to your female health and body, starting in your teen years (or younger).

Sadly, I can’t go back in time and change it (but I would if I could). What I can help you do is cultivate the healthy and sustainable lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Understanding your cycle will help you reclaim your body and restore your power – in every facet of your life. This is why I’m grateful for my past struggles and failures, because it has led me to this moment when I can confidently share this information to other strong and determined women who are facing similar struggles.

Instead of fighting to gain control of your hormones, I’m going to teach you how to identify what your body needs, and how to sync your lifestyle with your menstrual cycle to create a wholesome and nourishing life – all while vanquishing diet culture, women’s oppression, and societal barriers that have burdened women for centuries.

Here’s the on-going issue: women aren’t taught from an early age to nurture their bodies in a way that was designed specifically for us.

Women have been fighting for equality for a very long time, and we still have lengths to go. Through this fight, we have conformed to society norms and pushing ourselves into spaces that were not created for us. Our compliancy has had negative impacts our health.

Which is why I’m creating unwavering action to decompose what we’ve learned and replace it with information that is 100% female focused. This will allow us to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition and fitness methods to help function at our best.

Women today are more health-conscious than ever before, but most are uninformed the majority of medical research is probably overlooking them, and solely focusing on their male counterparts. While things in the medical field have improved across the board the last few decades, there’s still much that needs to be done.

You may be asking yourself: “why would researchers exclude half of the world’s population from their studies?!”

Well, according to Dr. Regine Douthard, the Senior Medical Officer of the National Institute of Health’s Office of Research on Women’s health: “Many clinical trials ran under an unspoken assumption that the only difference between women and men was their sexual and reproductive organs. Women were, in essence, considered small men.”

Insane, right?! But at the same time, it makes a ton of sense. This is why so many fitness and nutritional programs don’t work for women. Put simply, they were NOT designed with us in mind.

Even the prescription drugs we’ve been told to take often are given in inaccurate dosages because big pharma has yet to realize that our body composition is wildly different from that of a man. This is WHY it’s vital to educate ourselves, ask uncomfortable questions, listen to our bodies, share our experiences with others, support each other, and to advocate for ourselves and our essentials and non-negotiable needs.

That’s why I’m here, homie! To help you fill in the blanks and better understand your body and how to adequately fuel it to ensure you’re living your best, most healthy life! It’s my mission to help intuitive women cycle sync their nutrition and fitness by focusing on what works best for them, not their male counterpart.


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