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Does this sound familiar..?

  • You're tired of diet plans that are confusing, complex, restrictive and unsustainable.
  • You're fed up with self-sabotage, negative self talk, low self-esteem, and lack of boundaries in your life...
  • You're dealing with other issues like frequent injuries, plateau with strength gains, poor sleep, low energy, poor focus, loss of sex drive, or obsessing about your next meal...
  • It feels frustrating/overwhelming to find trustworthy sources on food and fitness.
  • You have spent hourssssssss in the gym, but haven't received the results you had hoped for.
  • You carry out goals for a few weeks or months, but can never execute them long term.
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Who is VIP Coaching for?

I find my unconventional approach to a healthy lifestyle works best for two groups of people:

Busy women who are tired of dieting and/or struggling with their nutrition, consistent movement, habits, and mindset who want a sustainable, custom, and flexible approach that they can carry out for the rest of their life.

Recovering perfectionists who tend to be extreme with their food and exercise behaviours (you're either all in or all out) who want to become successful with nutrition, create consistent balance, and an empowering set of beliefs to support their mindset (even on the toughest of days).

What You'll Learn!

Healthy Habits

If you want to eat well and exercise more, you have to take three steps back first. First, reveal the root problem by asking yourself more questions about your deeply rooted belief system! Why do you do the things you do? Why do you want to eat sugary foods? Why do you really want to skip your workouts? What is driving your behaviours? Because that is what’s driving your life.

Find out the next two steps through the Signature Habits For Health Program that is included in the VIP Coaching Program.

Fitness & Movement

Do use exercise as a tool to "burn off the fat". Or does the the thought of exercise make you feel anxious or stressed? Do you let each day go by, feeling horrible that your didn't workout - again?

Fitness does not have to feel like a punishment. VIP coaching will help you change your attitude towards fitness, so that you can feel freakin' AMAZING in your body - once & for all. You'll also learn proper form and technique through your customized workouts so you can feel CONFIDENT!

Nutrition, Food & Diet

Do you experience guilt and shame after eating certain foods? Are you forever binge eating after food restriction? Hopeful that the next diet will FINALLY be the thing that kickstarts your health journey? 

Your relationship with food doesn't have to be stressful or confusing. Through VIP Coaching, you will learn how much to eat for your body & your goals using a combination an intuitive macro-based approach. No more avoiding your favorite foods!


The way we talk to ourself, matters. Limiting beliefs are the root cause of resistance and issues we experience in life. Beliefs that relate to health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss can be some of the hardest to rewire because of the depth of our limiting beliefs.

In the VIP Coaching Program, you will learn to strengthen empowering beliefs so that the limiting ones will eventually fade. This is the most important step in cultivating the healthy mindset and lifestyle you crave. 

Consistent Balance

The hardest part about any of the meal plans or fitness programs you have tried in the past is staying balanced and consistent, right? These methods feel forceful and ultimately, not enjoyable - which is why it never becomes sustainable. 

By defining your OWN picture of what health is, you can create the consistent balance you've always wanted. The VIP Coaching program will help you become habitual in healthy behaviours. Even during vacation, holidays, and thought times - you will have the mindset and skills to stay on track.

Health Sustainability

Ahhhhhh, my favourite part. This is the end result of completing the VIP Coaching Program. You see, I want to set you up for success. This program includes everything you need to experience that, long-term. Health is not a destination, it's a lifestyle - and that's exactly how we do things here in the Coach Mandy Crew. 

The best part is, you will have lifetime access to the customized resources, workouts, the community, and the Signature Habits For Health Program. Your support extends past the program!

VIP Coaching


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