I help chronic dieter's heal their relationship with food so that they can experience long-term weight loss results - without dieting or restrictions.







Access to the PRIVATE Fitness App to help YOU strengthen, nourish and honour your body. Available for beginner, moderate and advanced fitness levels. Options for at-home and gym workouts.

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Get unlimited coaching support in The Mandy Method program by connecting with Coach Mandy via Trainerize (App) and meet online for a weekly 30 min coaching call to receive real-time feedback and support.

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Heal your relationship with food, learn how to properly track your macros and calories, and understand how to fuel your body without a restrictive or unsustainable diet ever again. 

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Experience success LONG-TERM, even after the program ends! The Mandy Method is designed to help YOU create healthy habits beyond nutrition and fitness so that you can live your life with zest again! 

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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

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  • 4 x Months of Nutrition Coaching To Help You Experience LONG TERM Success Without Dieting  Heal your relationship with food, learn how to properly fuel and nourish your body, and improve your body composition [lose fat mass and create lean muscle mass].
  • 2 - 4 Exclusive Workouts / Week Via Coach Mandy's PRIVATE Fitness App  This is so much more than a just 'watch and learn fitness app experience'. Feel confident and strong with your form and techinque. It's like having a personal trainer in your back pocket!
  • Coaching Support → Unlimited coaching support with Coach Mandy via Trainerize [Private App] AND connect with Mandy during your weekly 30 minute coaching call for questions, feedback & support.
  • Community Support Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with people who understand and respect your journey / experiences.
  • 4 Months In Length To Help You Experience The Success You Deserve With Fitness, Nutrition & Habits - Once & For All!
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Hi, I'm Coach Mandy!


After years of obsessing over making my body smaller, I hit a major f*cking wall. I was burnout out and felt dull AF. And for what? To drop a dress size or two? My health, both mentally and physically, was suffering from these EXTREME efforts. I knew I needed to change...

I started with healing my relationship with food, fitness, and my body image before taking any other course of action. At the time, this felt trivial and easy to skip... but I quickly realized how important this step really is for the long-run. With time and self-compassion, I started to enjoy my food again, instead of stressing about every single thing and amount of it I was putting into my body. 

For fitness, I started working out again because I f*cking loved my body, not because I hated it. Exercise suddenly felt like an opportunity to honour my body, instead of an annoying chore that I had to do to "burn off" my last binge.

Healthy habits became FUN and REWARDING. I actually enjoyed getting ready for bed, drinking water, managing my stress, and so much more.

All of these things together made me FULLY realize how health is so much more than just the calories you burn and the food you eat / didn't eat. 

AND BOOM 💣 The Mandy Method was BORN. My unconventional approach has helped over 300 clients (both in person & online) - and I'm eager to share my latest version to help more people get their ZEST for life back 🍊

If you're reading this now, know that your zest isn't far from reach. You got this! 

Cheers, Mandy!



"This membership is a community. A group of women with a common goal to feel better and better understand their bodies. The core of the membership, the workout videos, are excellent. Informative and clear but also exciting! The variety is incredible and there is a video for every occasion or mood.

Everything else included is what really takes this membership to the next level for me. It allows and promotes a long term sustainable lifestyle change. You FEEL good and supported. It takes nutrition, sleep, exercise and general habits and makes all these things attainable. It also helps remove the stigma from women's health issues by being open and comfortable.

Coach Mandy is your biggest cheerleader, inspiration, and the kindest funnest coach you'll meet. Truly, a wonderful enlightening group to be a part of."


"I have never felt more included and supported than I do in Mandy's community. To have a safe space to open up and connect regarding women's health is such a breath of fresh air.

Mandy has taught me so much about fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. I'm so glad I joined the community, I look forward to the weekly calls and live classes.

Mandy is the most knowledgable, kind, and motivating trainer you will ever have!"


“Being quite new to this amazing community Mandy has created, I am surprised to feel so comfortable connecting with her and the group.

Most of my life I have felt a frustration with my body and the expectations put on it. Having learned a “push through it” mentality and spending much of my life playing coed sports there was never any suggestion that I should listen to and try to understand my body.

Mandy has already helped me to better understand myself and my body. In turn I have felt in better balance with my day to day, work, relationships, workouts and even my nutrition. I am so grateful to have these tools and this space to continue this journey!”

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