M e e t  M a n d y

  • BSc Human Nutrition
  • Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Personal Trainer
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist (In Progress)
  • Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialization (In Progress)
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As a collegiate athlete, I felt the pressure to look a certain way: skinny and lean, but not too bulky. For years, I over-exercised, under-ate, and didn't love my body at all. Spiral after spiral, I knew I deep down that my lifestyle wasn't a good fit, I knew something needed to change. This led me to my relentless pursuit throughout my mid 20’s to achieving the desired yet intangible mind-body-spirit balance. You know, the ultimate trifecta that is supposed to help you attain inner peace and overall health? Well, I went through a lot, I made numerous mistakes, and studied thousands of hours of research material until I was able to create a solid balance. And now, I’m here to share this insight with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. For more than a century, women have been advertised, educated, diagnosed, and treated as “small men”. In fact, clinical trials chose to omit women from their research until 1993. When I learned this, I realized that all the health, fitness, and nutrition programs out there were sourced form research that did not include women. Let that sink in for a hot minute. This makes total sense, because this explains why I struggled so much with every diet, cleanse, fitness challenge – I had ever tried. They felt completely counterintuitive because none of them were designed for my female physiology. This is when I decided to pivot. Not only my personal life, but my professional life too. I took an ovary oath to focus on female physiology, menstrual health, and intuition using my BSc in Human Nutrition and Diploma in Exercise Science. I mean, how accurate can these programs be if they the research that supports them is focused exclusively on men? This is when I decided to create a wellness platform that was 100% female-focused, using research that honoured the female body - instead of punishing it with diet fads and fitness trends. My life has never felt so aligned - body, mind & career - and we are just getting started! Join our community today!

The Collective Focus


We are big believers in enjoying life and the foods you love! No fad diets, detoxes or restrictions here. We'll teach you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle that still includes treats and sweets.


With a science-based approach to fitness, our programs are safe, effective and will get you great results. With a focus on building strength, you'll feel and age better!

Health Sustainability

If you're tired of under-eating and over-exercising - you should be - because that's why you're feeling STUCK! It's time to reclaim your body and restore your power. Master your health by completing weekly workouts, easy to use food tips, and self-care practices.

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